2 Vintage Tammis Keefe Hankies ~ New York, Arthur Murray, Jockey


Approx. 13-1/4" x 13".One of the hankies is from Tammis Keefe's "New York" series. This one is "Columbus Circle" and has a horse and carriage. The actual monument depicted in the scene consists of a marble statue of Christopher Columbus atop a 70-foot granite column decorated with bronze reliefs representing Columbus' ships: the Nina, thePinta, and the Santa Maria. Its pedestal features an angel holding a globe, and it is used as the official centre of New York City for measuring distances. The words "Coca Cola" appear in the hanky as if in lights. The signature is at the bottom right (within the blue section). Grey and white polka-dot border with the words "New York * New York" and "Columbus Circle". Great condition, a little bit of yellowing on the corner of the lower right edge.

The second is Arthur Murray's "Dancer's Derby", Kimball sticker on the lower right corner. White slub in the grey middle section done when manufactured. Some damage to the upper left corner (please see photo). Some pale marks.

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Model: Tammis Keefe
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Manufactured by: Tammis Keefe

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